Most Sustainable Card in the Industry

Independent environmental research firm, Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS), recently verified that cards made with our patent-pending wood materials are more sustainable than the most prevalent card types in the industry, including PVC, recycled PVC, bio-plastic and other alternative petroleum-based cards. NCS conducted an in-depth sustainability analysis of Sustainable Cards’ forest products, suppliers and manufacturing operations, focusing on our wood sources, our manufacturing inputs and our energy and water usage.

NCS’ conclusions were based on the fact that our products are principally comprised of renewable, naturally grown and sustainably harvested birch wood, manufactured with very low levels of synthetic inputs in facilities which maximize renewable energy, utilize low amounts of water, and produce comparatively less waste.

“After careful review of Sustainable Cards’ sourcing, vendors and manufacturing practices we agree with their claim that wooden cards are more sustainable than the petroleum-based cards currently used in the industry. Sustainable Cards’ wooden cards use less energy and synthetic inputs, produce less pollution and sequester more carbon than all of the alternative cards we reviewed.”

~Jeff Hohensee of Natural Capitalism Solutions.